Pee or dont pi

Lying in the bed in the middle of night trying to decide if its worth it to get up and pee or if you can hold it until the morning.

Many a times I wake up night feeling uncomfortable. Mom uses that phrase every night “jaate waqt jaa ke aao” Shit! Mom asked me to go washroom before sleeping. Idiot Sahil was texting continuously I forgot to pee before entering my room. Murmured in closed eyes and then KNOT!! Fuck man why do I tie my pajamas in room. At that time plucking a right thread of knot is as important as cutting the red or black wire while destructing a bomb. Many a times I end up waking my mom to remove the knot of my pajama. So its better to pee or dnt pi.

One more suggestion teeny, flush your bad memories as you flush your toilet orelse they won’t let u sleep comfortably


Teeny fact!

Hello teeny,

That awkward moment when you spell the word correctly, but it looks so wrong… so you just stare at it forever.

Awkward!!! Awkward… awkward… yeah awkward!!! Did you feel that odd vibe while pronouncing the word. You might have also felt that I have gone wrong while pronouncing. You might have rechecked my spelling. This happens with me everytime. You connect to me? I know teeny.

Last time I met my ex in mall we unknowingly bumped into each other[ti di din tin tin tin tin tin din……] I started walking away from him as if nothing happened. He came and said HI, I rolled my eyes[EGO, noways] He said “this is not the area to fight, my parents are here, they know you it feels awkward if you go like this, turn and say hi”. Heehaw!!! My mind was playing game with word AREA, A…..R…..E…..A…., how can this be pronounced as area or is it IREA, it is so funny area, areaa, aareaaa…. funny word!!!

Connect with me in my other awkward moments…